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Le Mouton Rouge Knittery

Atenti Bags

Join mother and daughter designers, Andrea and Nina, on a journey to discover their irresistible collections of handbags and accessories. Founded in 1990, Atenti's aesthetic is inspired by the vibrancy and spirit of Andrea’s hometown of Buenos Aires.  Eventually daughter Nina was added to the design mix.  Now, together, they work with materials sourced from U.S. mills and throughout the world. Fresh shapes and daring blends of fabrics and handmade embellishments are harmonized to evoke each season’s design moments. 

All products are lovingly handmade in the USA. 

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Amalfi Hope Basket


Atenti Accesories Pouch - L'Amour


Atenti Buddy Bag - Maverick


Atenti Catalina Lolita


Atenti Gigi - Mimi


Atenti Jinkies Grande Pouch


Atenti Jolie Lolita


Atenti Mama Llama Backpack


Atenti Mamallama Bonnie


Atenti Mamallama Extra Tall Tool Pouch


Atenti Mamallama Maxi Tote - Aqua


Atenti Mint Julep Pioneer


Atenti Molly Orly


Atenti Watermelon Circular Case


Atenti Winx


Mamallama Hope Basket Turquoise