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Le Mouton Rouge Knittery


DellaQ Maker's Train Case

Made for our wanderlust makers, we’re excited to share our reimagined Train Case. When the case is closed, you can knit or crochet from either side through a metal opening. When it’s open, you can easily read your pattern on the lid as it can be held in place with included magnets. The removable handles can be snapped in multiple directions to more securely store your case or to grab it easily on the go.
12"w x 6"h x 5"d Inner tray: 11"w x 5.75"h x 1"d
MAKER'S TRAIN CASE DETAILS: * A lightweight metal lid w/ ultra strong magnets. Use these to attach your pattern to the lid for easy reference. * A U-Shaped yarn feeder on both sides of the case whether the case is open or closed, you can knit out of the case.

Made in Vietnam