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WoolDreamers Manchelopis

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This yarn is a unique product made with Manchega Wool, a breed that has not been used commonly for knitting but Wooldreamers wanted to revalue for its softness and quality.

A collection created to make honour to its name, since they are authentically Manchegos. Both the flocks that provide the wool and the entire yarn making process are in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

With this new collection of Manchelopis, our goal was to enhance the many possibilities that nature offers us. By blending white and black wool we have obtained a range of 100% natural colours.

On one hand, the white wool comes from Las Banderas Livestock, placed in la Serranía de Cuenca. It is there where Raúl looks after his sheep. He practices transhumance and when the time arrives, he guides his flock to Sierra de Andujar looking for new pastures.

On the other hand, the dark wool is obtained by our friend José. He owns a flock of black sheep. One of the few that are left. They graze freely in Los Montes de Toledo and only look for shelter on the farm when they require José’s care.

These two flocks are great examples of the conservation of a national autochthonous breed whose wool, not being merino, will be worth it for its brightness and softness.

The manchelopi is made with a double knit in 100gr “plates” or “cheeses” and the thicknesses depend on the tension with which it is woven. Approximately double knit weave would be 230m / 100gr and a single knit 460m / 100gr.

1 Thread-Sliver-Knit-Ply: 460m/100gr // Needles: 3mm a 4.5mm
2 Threads-Slivers-Knits-Ply: 230m/100gr // Needles: 5mm a 6.5mm

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WoolDreamers Manchelopis